Southampton University Feminist society!


This site is for anybody from the university who has an interest in the Feminist movement. We are an open-minded, political society which will hold regular meetings to discuss issues surrounding feminism through the ages, with a particular interest in Third Wave Feminism.

The type of meetings will vary and will include discussions, debates, film viewings and talks from local and national speakers, with the opportunity to ask questions and develop your knowledge on feminism and gender issues.

This society is not necessarily for women: as feminists we believe that men and women should be EQUAL - there is no gender bias and the issues covered will not all be specifically catered towards female experience. So if you are male and share an interest in gender issues or feel that you have also suffered from gender bias, please do come along to keep this society diverse.

This is a fantastic society, giving you the chance to meet new people, get involved with global issues, learn and also have a great time with a bunch of cool, like-minded people.

We are not radical or tyrannical - the society is casual and light-hearted so don’t be afraid of coming along to a meeting!

Welcome to the website for Southampton University Feminist Society (SUFS)!

Do you believe men and women should be equal?

If so, you’re a feminist!